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  • How To Cooperate with Honstar Constuction ?
    Leave professional matters to professionalism company to do
  • The Materials of Metal Shed Building in South America Are Manufacturing
    In may of 2023, Honstar Company is manufacturing the steel structure materials for one client, this metal shed project in Guyana, as the first project in South America,this shed project will attract attention from neighboring countries in the America.
  • How to do the foundation work of structural steel buildings?
    FOUNDATION WORK A:The design drawing for Foundation (base):According to the different height and span of steel building,we can adjust the depth and size of the foundation. B:The Sample Process of The Foundation Work: 1.Foundation Excavation 2.The work of Foundation Pad 3.The binding and welding work of foudation reinforcement, and concrete pouring. 4.The backfilling work of Foundation.5.The brick wall work of the Foundation. 6.some project cases of metal building foudation


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