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Why choose pre-engineered steel structure buildings?

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Why choose pre-engineered steel structure buildings?

                                   Why choose pre-engineered steel structure buildings?

1. Cost Savings:  Price per square meter can be 25% lower than conventional steel buildings. Site erection cost is low because of faster erection times and easier erection process.

2. Quality Control:  Designed and fabricated in-house with strict quality control. The fabrication process includes design and engineering, as well as detailing and manufacturing at the factory.

3. Quick Erection: All steel components are fabricated at the factory and linked by bolts at the site. So the erection process is fast, step by step, easy to install and requires simple equipment.

4. Flexibility:  Pre-engineered steel buildings are flexible in any requirement of design, easy to expand in the future and also economically with low transportation costs.

5. Energy Efficiency:  Nowadays, pre-engineered buildings are the green solution for the environment with CO2 reduction, energy efficiency, and recyclability.

Honstar Construction specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of steel structure metal buildings for a wide variety of uses, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, churches and schools. 

We have our own technical team, so we can design and build the steel structure building according to customers' special requirements, such as prefab warehouse, workshop, factory, storage, hangar, office building, hotel, hospital, school, supermarket, shopping mall, shown room, and various farm buildings. 

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