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Steel structure materials were delivered to Africa

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Steel structure materials were delivered to Africa

As the coronavirus (covid-19) was under control by China government, most Chinese factories were returning to production. All workers and staffs of our factory were back to work, so the company is back to normal.

The steel structures for our foreign clients are being manufactured and delivered by order now, we always keep the good quality for all our steel structure products, the following steel beams and pillars will be delivered to Africa for building a hospital.

china steel materials

metal beam

steel beam

Honstar is a Chinese steel structure supplier, we are doing design, manufacture, and installation of steel structure buildings, office blocks, school, hospital, prefab warehouse, workshops, shopping mall and car parking etc. Steel structures are faster to be built, can help you to achieve China speed.

We have project cases in Botswana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and other African countries, with more than 10 years engineering experience.

Welcome to chat with our engineer directly to let us know your project demands:

Whatsapp (wechat): +86-18615618101, Mr. Duke


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