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Steel Structure Gas Station

Our Advantages :

A: We can supply all kinds of steel structures: steel structure warehouse, steel structure godown , steel structure workshop, steel structure office building, Gas station , steel structure villastorage garage hangar chicken shedcar exhibition hall  and so on

B. We have our own technical team, so we can design , fabricate and install this steel
 structure gas  station according to customers requirement.

C. Its very easy to install the steel structure gas station in your there according to our
 installation drawing. Also, we will supply all technical support during installation and after-sale service.

Steel frame gas station are made of  H section steel or circular tube as columns, bolt ball, tube, sleeve, C section steel as roof frame, color steel sheet or Panels as roof together with fittings, billboard, other decoration materials.

Steel Structure Gas Station CharacteristicsAdvantages:
1. Wide span:  single span or multiple spans. Width range from 10m to 60m or more
2. Low cost
3. Fast construction and easy installation.
4. Long using life: up to 50 years.
5: environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake resistance



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