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Single beam electric hoist bridge crane


                          Ld single beam electric hoist bridge crane/electric hoist single beam overhead crane


  LDA Model Motor-Driven Single Beam Crane is designed according to JB/T1306-94, is a kind of simple structure, wide range of USES of light small hoisting machinery, it with CDI and MDI electric hoist supporting the use.


This product is a regular crane, which widely used more in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and other places, do not apply to the environment with explosion and fire in the job, unfavorable also in temperature or great full of acid, alkali, gas in place of work, also can not be used to transport melt metal, toxic and flammable items.


 The box-shaped main beam and beam welded structure, while ensuring the strength, stiffness and stability on the basis of having a beautiful, small advantages. Lord, end beam connected by split structure, convenient for transportation and installation.

 safe features

 1) Weight overload protective device

2) Top quality polyurethane buffer

3) Crane traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch

4) Low voltage protection function

5) Emergency stop system

6) Current overload protection function.



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