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Rock wool sandwich panel

Rock wool sandwich panel:
 Our colored steel rockwool sandwich panel consists of two layers of colored steel plate
surrounding a layer of insulation. The rock wool sandwich panel is very good at fire proof. The thickness of insulation layer and color of the steel plate may
also be adjusted according to the sandwich panel's different uses.

It can be used widely in areas such as ship-craft, food-stuffs,
air-conditioning, factories, boiler rooms, floors, activity rooms, refrigeration
houses, facility rooms, office-partitioning, indoor noise-absorption and so on.

1. Fire-proof
2. Good insulation and heat transfer resistance
3. Good bend and compression resistance
4. High bearing capacity
5. Flexibility in fixing
Specifications Galvanized sheet steel thickness0.4 to 0.6mm
Total thickness50 to 200mm
Width of panels930mm
Length of panels customized
Resistances of heat-transfer process≤0.044W/m.K
Density 80 to 120kg/m3


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