35m x 40m x12 Prefabricated manufacturing Warehouse as An Industrial Factory

Project Name: 35m x 40m x 12m  Prefabricated Manufacturing Warehouse as Industrial Factory

Project Content and Scale

Length 35M, Width 40M,Height 12m,1.5m Brickwall,5 ton crane,10 ton crane.

The completion time of  this prefabricated steel structure building is 2023.

Project Introduction:  

The prefabricated manufacturing warehouse as industrial factory is located in Maldives,South Aisa


STEP I  The following is professional drawing plan we supply for our client:


manufacturing warehouse

manufacturing factory
manufacturing industrial factory



STEP II  The following is the producing and packing pictures of the steel structure materials: 

warehouse crane

prefab manufacturing warehouse


STEP III  The following is the process pictures of installing the prefab industrial factory building: 


manufacturing warehouse factory
manufacturing factory


prefab manufacturer


STEP IV  The last step is handover the completed prefabricated manufacturing factory  to our client:


prefab workshop

prefab workshop building





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