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How To Cooperate with Honstar Constuction ?

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How To Cooperate with Honstar Constuction ?

HONSTAR company from a high level of professionalism, business elite team composed of good quality.

If you want to do pre-engineered building,prefabricated building, metal building,steel structure building,high rise building, like warehouse, godown , workshop, office building, shed,storage,garage,hangar ,shopping mall,hotel,hospital,accommodation block building, apartments,prefab house and so on. you can find me by google,bing,facebook,youTube,linked in,etc

The working process with Honstar:

1. When the client confirm the quotation with every details, we will sign a contract and issue the Proforma invoice for bank payment.

2. After receiving the deposit payment, firstly we need 7-10 days to design all drawings  including the architecture drawing, structural drawing and foundation drawing.  Then our factory will manufacture the all needed steel structure within30-50 days.

3. Once we complete the drawings, we'll send the foundation drawing to you immediately, at the same time, your side begin to do the foundation part on your site according to our drawing.

4. When we receive the balance payment we will do the packing and loading in the guidance of our technical department.

5. When all the materials in containers arrived at your site, your foundation had been done. At the same time, our engineers will fly to your construction site to do installation works.



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