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Honstar Construction - a professional steel structure contractor

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Honstar Construction - a professional steel structure contractor

Q:What kinds of abilities does a professional steel structure contractor have? 

A: The design ability, the fabrication ability and the installation ability. 

Q: Who are the professional steel structure contractors in China? 

A: Honstar Construction Co., Ltd is one of the first class professional steel structure building contractors from China. 

Our advantage: 

1. Honstar Construction have 12 years exporting works experience and overseas engineering experience, mainly in African markets, now is expanding business worldwide.

2. We have a first-class engineering team that can do a turnkey job for your whole project, from a land to a building, we can supply the complete technical supports and all needed materials.

3. Our engineers can give quick response and service to the customers directly, supply quick quotation and CAD drawings. Your designer can communicate with our engineer in English directly.

4. Our technical team have level-one constructor certificates which is the highest degree construction qualification in China, can supply architectural drawings, structural drawings, foundation drawings and installation drawings. Our drawings can help you get approval by your local government.

5. Our company can do the installation for your projects. Normally, we can assign the engineers to your construction site, do the installation, train your workers, and supply all needed technical supports. In the special time, we can also provide remote guidance for your installation works.

The design ability: 

We have our own technical team, our engineers can design various size of steel structure buildings according to clients’ special requirements, like 30x40, 30x60, 30x30, 20x40, 20x30, 30x50, 40x60, 40x80 steel structure commercial buildings for apartment, office, school, hotel and hospital use; 50x50, 50x60, 50x80, 50x100, 60x60, 60x80, 60x100, 80x100, 100x100, 100x150, 100x200 steel structure industrial buildings for warehouse, hangar, workshops, plants, factory use; and 30x40x12, 30x50x14, 40x60x18, 40x60x20, 40x80x16, 50x100x20, 60x100x20 multi-story steel structure buildings for both office and workshop together. 

The supports from our own technical team throughout the entire engineering process, our engineer can design and change the design according to the clients’ mind, can communicate with the production line when in the manufacture process, can design the most economical packing plan for clients to save sea freight, can supply guidance on the construction sites when in the installation process.

Honstar construction’s team is always reliable, worthy of customers’ trust and makes partners feel safe.

The design for commercial buildings:

The design for industrial buildings:

The fabrication ability:

Our factory has several production lines with total area 177,000 sqm, and workshop is 67,000 sqm. Now we have light steel, heavy steel, space frame and tube truss 9 production lines, and color steel plate, curtain wall and other envelope structures 5 production lines. Annual productive capacity is 500,000 square meter.

The factory equipped with CNC cutting machine, CNC shearing machine, Hydraulic sheet metal blending machine, Submerged arc welding machine, Corrugated sheet molding machine, Shotblast cleaning machine, Punching machine, Air compressor, Drilling Machine, Forging machine, H-beam assembly machine. Production mechanization and equipment automation reached industry advance level.

The factory has independent research and development centers, has 38 engineers, 26 R & D staff. R & D projects are equipped with standard project report.

The steel structures manufactured by our factory have good quality and durable ability, because of the advanced technology and equipment. 

The installation ability:

We have a first-class engineering team that can do a turnkey job for your project, from a land to a building. Our team have level-one constructor certificates which is the highest degree construction qualification in China. 

We supply installation guidance service for our clients, we can assign engineers and workers to your construction sites, do installation works, train your workers and supply all needed technical supports. 


Our technical team will issue economical packing plan, calculate the quantity of steel materials accurately and use the min. quantity of containers, to save shipping freight for clients. Also use pallets for easy unloading.


Every year many customers from worldwide visit Honstar, all customers are satisfied with the manufacturing capability and quality management level, they are glad to choose and cooperate with Honstar.


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