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Galvanized Concrete Floor Deck



galvanized concrete floor deck:
1)Light weight 
2)high strength 
3)good bearing performance 
4)good anti-seismic performance

high quality galvanized concrete floor deck :

This kind of corrugated steel sheet called V688 type floor decking steel sheet. It’s effective width 688mm, width before corrugated 1000mm, thickness from 0.7 to 1.5mm. Zinc coating: 60-80g/m2 as usual, we also can supply with zinc coating above 80g/m2.Floor decking steel sheet application is for construction, mainly used for the second floor, as it has good bearing performance and high strength. 

Profiled sheet-composite slab,  as permanent form in construction stage, bear construction load and concrete weight. In use stage, the profiled sheet will be used as the bottom reinforcing bar and will generate composite effect after concrete reaches the strength.

Thickness: 0.7-1.5mm

Zinc coated: 60g-275g/m2

Length: as customer's requirement

Effective width: 688mm

Installation: Welded into the purlin and shearer bolt needed

Floor Decking Features:

1. There are pre-processed slots between the corrugations of the profiled steel plates, available for engineering use like electric power and communications.


2.The dead load of the entire structure is reduced, saving the basic cost of the lower part.


3.During construction, the profiled steel plate can enhance the lateral stability of the supporting steel beam.


4.It gives full play to the mechanical properties of two materials - steel and concrete.


5.It does not require formwork, getting rid of the removal and installation of formworks.


6.The profiled steel plate is equal to tensile main rib based on calculation, only moisture reinforcements are needed.


7.The profiled steel plates provide an even ceiling surface for concrete buildings.


8.After installation, the profiled steel plate can be used as a safety work platform for workers, tools, materials and equipments.




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