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Galvanized Concrete Floor Deck



galvanized concrete floor deck:
1)Light weight 
2)high strength 
3)good bearing performance 
4)good anti-seismic performance

high quality galvanized concrete floor deck :

This kind of corrugated steel sheet called V688 type floor decking steel sheet. It’s effective width 688mm, width before corrugated 1000mm, thickness from 0.7 to 1.5mm. Zinc coating: 60-80g/m2 as usual, we also can supply with zinc coating above 80g/m2.Floor decking steel sheet application is for construction, mainly used for the second floor, as it has good bearing performance and high strength. 

Profiled sheet-composite slab,  as permanent form in construction stage, bear construction load and concrete weight. In use stage, the profiled sheet will be used as the bottom reinforcing bar and will generate composite effect after concrete reaches the strength.

Thickness: 0.7-1.5mm

Zinc coated: 60g-275g/m2

Length: as customer's requirement

Effective width: 688mm

Installation: Welded into the purlin and shearer bolt needed

Floor Decking Features Eight major characteristics:

1.Strong concrete bond shear resistance 
With Special closed-rib design, good longitudinal shear-bearing capacity, there has never been slippage between the steel bearing plate and the concrete upon closed built-up slabs within design load limit.

2.Excellent fire performance
The ribs of slab are completely encased in concrete, just like the cast-in reinforcement. Closed built-up slabs can completely replace the positive moment tensile reinforcement in the floor slabs, and an 1.5-hour refractory power can be achieved without need to brush fire-resistant coating

3.Superior section of built-up slabs
Closed built-up slabs have a higher effective height of the floor slab and a bigger combination stage to provide a more powerful positive moment resistance.

4.Board(Slab) end slot-type suspension system
For the use of ceilings, ceiling, plumbing installation, etc., no need of drilling or welding; during the building period, it can be moved, removed or reinstalled, according to the need.

5.Simple, rapid construction 
It does not require any plug, with no leakage of mortar, available to shorten the construction cycle.

6.Even slab bottom appearance
The slab bottom is even, it is beautiful for the buildings not planned for the ceilings .

7.Effectively reduce the slab height
According to fire regulations and shatterproof requirements, the total thickness of the closed built-up slab is only 110-130 mm, 30-40 mm less than the opening profiled steel plate composite slab, thus getting a reduced self weight, reduced costs, and increased height.

8.Low cost
The reinforcements bearing the positive moment of the closed built-up slabs are replaced by the profiled steel plates, without need to brush fire-resistant coating, thus reducing the usage of reinforcements and cutting down the costs.



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