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Four Warehouses Prefabricated Are Being Installed in Maldives

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Four Warehouses Prefabricated Are Being Installed in Maldives

HONSTAR CONSTRUCTION CO., LIMITED has our own technical team, we specialized in the design, fabrication and installation of various steel structure buildings, we had more than 10 years overseas engineering experience and had built several big projects in Africa, we can handle your projects easily.  If cooperate with our company, our technical team will give you quick feedbacks when you have any questions.

But as we know, more than 80% other suppliers in market have no technical team, most of them are selling you materials only, they can't responsible for you when you meet with technical problems, and they also haven't the ability to install the projects for you in your country.

metal shed

We supply installation guidance service for our clients, we can assign engineers and workers to your construction sites, do installation works, train your workers and supply all needed technical supports.

steel structure workshop

So when your company choose a constructor, the most important thing is find a reliable company that can handle your projects, can finish your construction works well, then the second thing is get a best price.

HONSTAR company can meet both of your requirements.


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