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50x40 Metal Building And 40x40 Steel Building for Sale


Honstar Construction specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of steel structure metal buildings for a wide variety of uses, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, churches and schools. We have our own technical team, so we can design and build the steel structure building according to customers' special requirements, such as prefab warehouse, workshop, factory, storage, hangar, office building, hotel, hospital, school, supermarket, shopping mall, shown room, and various farm buildings. 

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Why choose pre-engineered steel structure buildings?

1. Cost Savings:  Price per square meter can be 25% lower than conventional steel buildings. Site erection cost is low because of faster erection times and easier erection process.
2. Quality Control:  Designed and fabricated in-house with strict quality control. The fabrication process includes design and engineering, as well as detailing and manufacturing at the factory.
3. Quick Erection: All steel components are fabricated at the factory and linked by bolts at the site. So the erection process is fast, step by step, easy to install and requires simple equipment.
4. Flexibility:  Pre-engineered steel buildings are flexible in any requirement of design, easy to expand in the future and also economically with low transportation costs.
5. Energy Efficiency:  Nowadays, pre-engineered buildings are the green solution for the environment with CO2 reduction, energy efficiency, and recyclability.

Product Description

Honstar Construction company specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of steel structures for a wide variety of uses, including agriculture, industrial and commercial, churches and schools. 

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Our technical team can design various size of steel structure pre engineered buildings, like 30x40, 30x60, 30x30, 20x40, 20x30, 30x50, 40x40, 40x50, 40x60, 40x80, 50x50, 50x60, 50x80, 50x100, 60x60, 60x80, 60x100, 80x100, 100x100, 100x150, 100x200 pre-engineered industrial metal buildings, and 30x40x12, 30x50x14, 40x60x18, 40x60x20, 40x80x16, 50x100x20, 60x100x20 multi storey pre engineering metal building. 
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Steel structures parameters:

Items Specification
Main Steel Frame Column Q235 Welded H Section Steel 
Beam Q235 H Section Steel
Secondary Frame Purlin Galvanized C-style Steel
Knee brace Angle Steel
Tie rod Circular Steel Tube
Brace Round Bar
Vertical&Horizontal  support Angle Steel
Cladding system Roof panel Skylight Roof Sheet
Corrugated Colored Steel Sheet
Wall panel 4m High brickwall
Corrugated Colored Steel Sheet
Accessories Door 4m High and 4m Wide  50mm EPS Sandwich Panel Door
Window Skylight Roof Sheet
Gutter Aluminum Alloy Folded Piece
Downpipe 110mm UPVC
Roof Load                                                   0.25KN/Sqm
Wind Load 0.3 KN/Sqm 
Earthquake-resistance 7 Grades
Structure Life Span Up to 50 years
Paint Options Grey Color

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Project cases

After 11 years engineering experience on abroad, our company have completed several steel structure project cases in African countries, like Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Botswana etc. Our business are expanding to more countries worldwide this year, such as Southeast Asia, the South American countries etc. 

Project cases from 2010~2020: 

metal building Project cases from 20102020

Cooperated partners: 

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Our Advantages


1. Honstar Construction have 11 years exporting works experience and overseas construction experience, mainly in African markets, and some other markets worldwide. 

2. We have a first-class engineering team that can do a turnkey job for your whole project, from a land to a building, we can supply the complete technical supports and all needed materials. 

3. Our engineers can give quick response to the customers directly, with quick quotation and quick CAD drawings. Your designer can communicate with our engineer in English directly. 

4. Our technical team have level-one constructor certificates which is the highest degree construction qualification in China, can supply architectural drawings, structural drawings and foundation drawings.  Our drawings can help you get approval by your local government. 

5. Our company can do the installation for your projects. Normally, we can assign the engineers to your construction site, do the installation, train your workers, and supply all needed technical supports. In the special time, we can also provide remote guidance for your installation works. 

Our factory has several production lines which equipped with steel uncoiling, shot blasting, punching, bending, welding and molding devices. The steel structures have good quality and durable ability, because of the advanced technology and equipments. 

steel structure factory view

Packaging & service

Packing and Loading:

Our technical team will do the economical packing plan for clients, calculate the quantity of steel structure materials accurately and use the min. quantity of containers, to save the shipping freight for clients. 
When packing we use the pallets according to container's size, to improve the loading and unloading efficency. 

Packing and Loading
Guidance on the construction site: 
We supply installation guidance service for our clients, we can assign engineers and workers to your construction site, do installation works, train your workers and supply all needed technical supports.

Guidance on the construction 
Quotation service: 
If you want to get a quotation for your steel structure project from our company, please provide us the following information, our technical team will give you quick response. 


Quotation Request
1 Type of steel structure building             ________ (warehouse, plant, office block, factory, workshop,mall,hangar,shed etc)
2 Dimension length(m) width(m) height(m)

3  Location (where will be built)
4 Wind speed of the location _____km/h
5 Anti-earthquake level
6 Roof and Wall A:0.5mm thickness coloured profile steel sheet            
B: 50mm thickness sandwich panel
7 Brick wall needed or not? If yes,  ___1.2m high ,  ___1.5m high,  ___ 1.8m high 
8 Crane needed or not?  If yes, ___units, lifting weight____ton ( 5ton,10ton,20ton)
9 Your company information Name:
10 Contact person
11 Mobile number
12 Additional info
If you have sketch or drawing, please also send us for checking costs. 

Honstar contruction company welcome the business friends from all over the world, and welcome your inquiry! 



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